The Vandergriff Gin Rib
About Vandergriff

The Vandergriff Gin Rib was designed by Mr. A.L. Vandergriff and is manufactured by Mr. Chris Nachtmann of CNC Performance Engineering out of Lincolnton , North Carolina .

Mr. Vandergriff had extensive experience with gin rib design while doing research for the improvement of cotton gin stands. Part of the puzzle to improving performance of the gin stand involved his tampering with gin rib design. He began using a gin rib that incorporated the use of a wearplate at the ginning point in the late 1970's early 1980's. Some had tried this before, but none were able to manufacture a design that was anywhere near commercially successful. Mr. Vandergriff soon became frustrated with the production process used in manufacturing gin ribs at this time. The rib was made from castings and the final product was not strong and more importantly not accurate from rib to rib. Mr. Vandergriff wanted not only a strong firm rib in the gin stand, but an extremely accurate one. A rib that would be identical to all the others. This would go a long way toward improving the ginning dynamics taking place in the roll box of a cotton gin stand. To get this type of rib manufactured would not be easy. He knew he had to get away from castings to a stronger material such as steel. He new full well that steel would have to be machined on CNC equipment to get the close tolerances he desired. He also new this would be a very expensive approach, and was somewhat uncertain if the industry would accept the final cost.

After trying several different approaches that ultimately ended in frustration, in 1994 he was introduced to Larry Nachtmann of CNC Production Machine located in Porterville , CA . Larry had extensive experience with CNC applications and with the use of various materials. Mr. Vandergriff explained what he wanted in terms of material, gave Larry his production blueprints that he personally had drawn himself and Larry soon had these drawings incorporated into his computer. It was not long before tooling was designed to machine the parts. It was determined from here that a forged steel part would be the way to go in terms of providing a part feasible enough cost and design wise to actually machine. Larry and Mr. Vandergriff worked closely with the engineers from Berkeley , and an acceptable forging using 1018 steel shafting was ultimately produced by Berkeley Forge and Tool, Inc. out of Berkeley , California . This forging was close enough to the actual dimensions of the gin rib to make it feasible to machine it on CNC machines. In 1994, the first Vandergriff Ribs for a Lummus 158 Gin Stand were produced. They incorporated other design tweaks Mr. Vandergriff added to improve their performance. They were well received. In 1995, the first Vandergriff Ribs for a Continental 141 were produced. Customers were ecstatic. By 1997, Vandergriff Ribs for the Lummus 170, and Continental 161 saw gin stand were being produced. Today, the Vandergriff Gin Rib is the world's top selling hi-performance rib. Their precision, quality and performance are second to none.


Description of Gin Ribs

Vandergriff 141 Rib (put pic in somewhere)
The traditional Continental 141 gin rib is plagued with performance problems. They are made from a casting from probably somewhere overseas. They are not accurately made, require extensive shimming and tag during operators nightmare. Our relief section is clearly superior. This allows the cotton fibers to flow through smoothly and not tag. Little seed do not escape through the rib only to get ground up into fine particles in the lint cleaners. There are no rib fires. Our ribs perform at high capacities, and you can keep the gin stand in. Just gin baby. Continental has tried to put a wearplate on their current rib, making no changes to the inferior design of their rib.

The Vandergriff 161 Rib
The Continental 161 rib is plagued with the same problems as their 141. Due to narrower saw spacings, this rib is slimmer which gives it less strength. It does not hold up well when the ginner wants to crank up the stand and really gin some cotton. The Vandergriff Rib has all the advantages of the 141 model, and one of the most important is strength. It can take the pressure you are going to put on it when ginning at higher capacities. It will not lose the little varieties of seed. Leave your stand in and gin some cotton. Buy this rib and then spend your money on other aspects of your operation later. You are pretty much done with rib expense.

The Vandergriff 158 Gin Rib
This rib is also made from a steel forging and accurately machined on CNC equipment. It is not a casting and has superior strength. It is not made from somewhere overseas. The accuracy allows the ribs to fit tightly and consistently together across the roll box. There is no room for little seed to escape. When ginning next to the traditional Lummus 158 gins ribs, customers consistently say, "there is no comparison." Our drilled and tapped back-up strips are made from one piece of material and the holes are drilled and tapped on precision equipment. This allows you to put our ribs on easily and accurately.

The Vandergriff 170 Gin Rib
This is a narrower rib as well, due to the narrower saw spacings on the 170 gin stand. 170 saws are essentially put in the same frame as the 158 saw gin stand. You need strength with this narrower rib. The Vandergriff Rib gives it to you. You need accuracy and precision. You get it all with our rib. Just put your gin breast in and crank it up. Worry about other bottlenecks in your ginning operation.

Replacement Wearplates
All Vandergriff Ribs come with a reversible wearplate installed at the ginning point. This wearplate has a dowell pin arrangement used to attach it to the gin rib. There is a good reason for this. Gin with another type of wearplate installation and you will quickly see why. The entire design around the wearplate area is well thought out. Our wearplates will not come off during operation. After the season, they can be taken out and turned around to give you another clean wear surface for the next upcoming season. When you get ready to order new wearplates, they will be shipped to you with the dowell pins installed. We of course make wearplates for all models of our ribs.

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